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Facilitator Course

Do you want to get involved in Global Health Sim or learn to facilitate your own simulations? Then the GH Sim Facilitators Course is for you! Work with other facilitators-in-training from around the world to learn about simulations, developing simulation content and get real-world experience and feedback on facilitation. Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded with a Facilitator Certificate and if interested Facilitators will be approached to facilitate volunteer or even paid simulations in their area or online!  

This unique opportunity is not to be missed for anybody interested in global health leadership or education!

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Part 1: Self-Paced Online Course

The first part of the course will involve a self-paced online course using the education platform Moodle. The course will run for 3 months during which time you will need to login and complete the materials and contribute with other students via chat forums. Materials include an interactive mix of readings, case studies and lectures. The expected time commitment is 1-3 hours per week for 3 months.

The topics covered includes:

  1. Introduction to simulations.
  2. Simulation and experiential learning theory.
  3. Developing and writing simulations.
  4. Facilitating simulations.
  5. Debriefing and evaluating simulations.
  6. Creating and running e-simulations.

Part 2: Sim Development

Working alone or with a partner you will create a new simulation or develop a simulation already in progress that will be published by Global Health Sim. Receive guidance and feedback on your research and writing skills by being involved in every phase of simulation development. To see examples of current simulations click here.

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Part 3: Facilitation Experience

The final and most important component of the course will involve experiential learning so that you can learn about facilitating a simulation in practice. Our GH Sim team will work with you to find two opportunities to co-facilitate an in-person or e-sim. Depending on your location and availability we can also be available to co-facilitate and provide feedback by videoconferencing.

Part 4: Receive Your Global Health Sim Facilitator Certificate

Following the successful completion of the course, you will receive a Global Health Sim Facilitator Certificate. You will have access to our network and resources, and be able to facilitator Global Health Sims.

Apply Now and become a certified facilitator!

To apply please complete the following registration form and pay $5 (CAD) application fee. The application fee will be credited towards your course fee if you are selected. Your application will not be processed until your application fee is received.

The total course fee for the course is currently $150 (30% discount). Select scholarships will be available for LMIC participants. Please indicate that you wish to be considered for a scholarship in your application.