October 28th 2017 - Sim #2 at the GHSYPS 2017 Conference in Ottawa

Dr Jennifer Hulme, emergency medicine doctor in Toronto and Glibal Health researcher and educator facilitated an engaging simulation today for 30 attendees at the Global Health Student and Young Professionals (GH-SYP) Conference in Ottawa.

Attendees took on roles as stakeholders in the response to a humanitarian refugee crisis learning about public health prioritisation in an emergency. Click here to find out more about Global Health Sim and here to find out about the Global Health Sim Facilitators Course to train you to facilitation Global Health Sims.


Refugee Health Sim at Guelph University


In March, Julie Zhang led a refugee health response simulation for a graduate global health class at the University of Guelph. The students came from a variety of disciplines, from international development to computer science, and applied their in-course knowledge and unique backgrounds to the sim scenario. During the debrief period, the participants had an engaging discussion on the untapped value of experiential learning in higher education. Thank you to Professors Sherilee Harper and Warren Dodd for the invitation to facilitate in their classroom!

Global Health Sim in Geneva for #WHA70 [WHO's World Health Assembly]

Chair of Global Health Sim, Thomas Piggott, is in Geneva to talk to attendees of the World Health Assembly [#WHA70] about simulations in global health education.

Global Health Sim recently launched its facilitators course to build capacity in simulation-based learning for global health education. The pilot course will have 30 students from all over the world who will collaborate online to learn about the theoretical basis of simulation education, develop simulations and learn to facilitate them effectively.

If you're interested in innovative global health education check out the facilitators course and we hope to speak with you during the World Health Assembly!

Reproduced from who.int - World Health Assembly 2017

Reproduced from who.int - World Health Assembly 2017

Mar 2 2017 - Sim #2 LSHTM Students, London, UK

An enthusiastic group of LSHTM students from all over the world gathered to respond to a refugee crisis in a fictitious country. There was great discussion in the debrief, notably on the distinction between impartiality and neutrality, and priority setting in complex emergencies. Thanks for coming out!