New Global Health Textbooks!

Photo credit:  Jessica Ruscello  at

Photo credit: Jessica Ruscello at

If you're teaching global health, these two new textbooks are a fantastic educational resources. If you have resources that you'd like us to share, please let us know!

Preparing for International Health Experiences is a must-read for any healthcare student considering volunteering, doing mission or practical work abroad. It covers specific medical professions from pediatrics to surgery, and allied disciplines such as dentistry and nursing. This unique resource offers necessary insights into making the most of the experience, from pre-departure training through to return orientation. It provides information on navigating the legalities and bureaucracies of international medical training and gives insights into cultural and language competencies, including how to be ethical and deferential in the exchange of situational knowledge.

Global Health Experiential Education: From Theory to Practice presents best practices for ethical and safe international health elective experiences for trainees and the educational competencies and evaluation techniques that make them valuable. It includes commentaries, discussions and descriptions of new global health education guidelines, reviews of the literature, as well as research. It includes ground-breaking research on perspectives of partners in the Global South whose voices are often unheard, student perspectives and critical discussions of the historical foundations and power dynamics inherent in international medical work. This book will be of interest to academic directors of global health programs and anyone involved in training and international exchanges across North America.

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